President Bush Supports the American Muslim and Arab Community

(WASHINGTON, DC - 9/13/2001) The American Muslim Council sends its gratitude to President George W. Bush for his support of American Muslim and Arab-American communities that are experiencing backlashes in reaction to Tuesday’s attack. This morning, President Bush contacted Mayor Rudolph Guilianni and Governor George Pataki to express his condolences.

In the conversation with Mayor Rudolph Guilianni and Governor Pataki, President Bush said, “And as we do so, I know I don’t need to tell you all you all this, but our nation must be mindful that there are thousands of Arab Americans who live in New York City who love their flag just as much as the three of us do. And we must be mindful that as we seek to win the war that we treat Arab Americans and Muslims with respect they deserve. I know that is your attitudes, as well; it’s certainly the attitude of this government, that we should not hold one who is a Muslim responsible for an act of terror. We will hold those who are responsible for the terrorist acts accountable, and those who harbor them."

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