Jewish Congregation Sends Letter to Washington Post in Support of Muslim Community 

Below, please find a copy of a letter that our organization has sent to the Washington Post. It expresses our sincere thoughts.

To the Editor,

In the aftermath of one of the darkest days in American history, we, the members of Machar, Washington Congregation for Secular Humanistic Judaism, express our concern and sympathy for all those grieving the loss of loved ones, as well as for the survivors of the attacks, their families and their communities.

We are also moved to express our support for the American Arab and Muslim communities who are suffering the injustice of harassment, threats or attacks. As Jews, we know what it is to face prejudice, and pernicious charges of divided loyalty in particular. As Humanists, we feel that it is necessary to extend comfort to any group of human beings who face unjust blanket condemnation for the crimes committed by individuals who happen to share their ethnicity or faith.

As Humanistic Jews who embrace peace and social justice, we reach out in sympathy to all of our fellow Americans at this time of trial. As Americans upholding democracy and pluralism, we call on all who live in this great country to respect each other's dignity, as well as the right of everyone to equal protection under the law. 

Rabbi Binyamin Biber
David Wittenberg
P.O. Box 42014
Washington, DC 20015

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