Arab Non-Governmental Organizations
Condemn Bloodshed of American Civilians

[September 13, 2001 ]  Arab NGO's denounce the criminal terrorist attack on American and non-American innocent civilians on Tuesday.

Arab human rights organizations have always based their advocacy for individual and collective human rights on one standard; they have always denounced all barbaric attacks on Palestinian and Iraqi as well as other civilians. Likewise, Arab human rights organizations denounce the barbaric onslaught on American civilians. We do hope that the American authorities would comply with the principles of the international law in hunting down and punishing the perpetrators. We also hope that the American authorities would not to carry out any collective punishments, which would increase the number of innocent victims.

Henceforth, the undersigned organizations express their concern about the growing incitement campaign, which is a form of racial discrimination, against Arabs and Muslims in America and Europe -irrespective of who would be held accountable at the end of investigations.

* Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
* Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Gaza
* LAW - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment
* Ittijah - Union of Arab Community Based Associations (consisting 56 NGO's)
* Al-Mizan Human Rights Center, Gaza
* Palestinian NGO Network (consisting 68 NGO's)
* Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights
* The Truth & Equity Forum in Morocco
* The Sudanese Human Rights Group
* The New Jordan Center for Studies
* The Bahraini Association for Human Rights
* The Palestinian Association for Human Rights in Lebanon
* Hisham Mubarak Law Center, Egypt
* The Arab Center for Judiciary Independence and Advocacy, Egypt
* The Human Rights Center for Prisoners' Aid, Egypt
* The Egyptian Center for Women Rights
* The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights
* The New Center for Women Studies, Egypt
* The Committees for Defense of Human Rights, Syria
* Human Rights Center for Information and Rehabilitation, Yemen
* Al-Khartoum Center for Human Rights and Environmental Development
* The Sudanese Group for Torture Victims
* An-Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
* As-Shaqa'ik Arab Forum for Human Rights, Yemen

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