Opinions and Statements about the Intifadah
from Jews and Israelis who
Reject Israeli Policies

*Acid Test Failed
by Israel Shamir

*The Right of Return
by Israel Shamir

*What Americans Need to Know - but Probably Won't be Told - 
To Understand Palestinian Rage

by Eduardo Cohen

*No, We are Not Who You Thought We Are
by Musa Budeiri

*Not In My Name
by Steven Feuerstein

*The Janus Face of Israeli Democracy
by Michael Dahan

*"Thank God I'm not an Arab":
Racism, pure and simple
by Michael Coren

*Statement by Israelis Living in UK

*Tough Times for American Jews
by Nitzan Horowitz (Ha'aretz)

*Statement by Israeli Historian
(in Arabic, gif file)

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