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Please announce any demonstration around the world on or send to, or to get it included on the UPDATES we have sent out to a huge outreach. Send pictures and reports (including links to audio/video files) of past demonstrations to (for a reports and pictures/video/audio see This site is linked to Addameer's and vice versa.


Have good public speakers; read the list of martyrs; include a two-minute silence; don't be provoked by police or bystanders (negative media might be the result); try to hold your event at times that include as much as possible people; preferably after office hours around 5 PM; make sure you have people who know the chants with megaphones.

Have dramatic symbolism, such as children laying on their backs on the street with ketchup over their shirts symbolizing the killing of children. The media just eats it.

Make sure that you have a statement including the demands and appropriate links (Addameer's site) handy for media persons. The link is or its US-mirror at

Assign someone to pass these demands out to journalists. Assign eloquent speakers as spokespersons to the press. The presence of a lawyer or two at the rally will be a big plus to insure that the police do not try to violate our rights and try to confine the protest.

Make signs with short, powerful slogans. Do not write too many things on them, for you will lose the effect. See list of slogans included in this list. Be firm, loud, proud, but not arrogant or disruptive. Don't let your protest be run by an emotional mob. Make sure that it is organized and under control at all time so that your goals are achieved.

Make sure you get media attention. One strategy is to make "anonymous" phone-calls from "passer-bys" (=you) telling them about the protest and asking them to cover it for the nightly news. In other words, you call all the main network news and pretended you have been driving by the protest. Tell them, "hey, there's a large protest going on here. Something about Israeli brutality against Palestinians. I'm calling to let you know about it -- I hope you cover it because I do want to learn more about what this protest is all about".

For media contacts: send press releases (preferably by fax, followed by a telephone call). For contact addresses check the major media-sites listed below.


1. The international community (US, Europe) must take up political, moral, and legal obligation by the US, Europe under international law and human rights conventions to condemn Israeli violations of human rights and international law; 

2. To sanction Israel for indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians, in particular, children; 

3. To provide temporary international protection to Palestinian civilians and to enforce UN resolutions, in particular, UNSC 242, 338 and UNGA 194;

4. To suspend Israel on a de facto basis from any participation throughout the entire United Nations System until it complies with its conditions to admission and until it complies with basic principles the UN has set forth, in particular the right to self-determination, the prohibition against acquiring territory by force as recognized in the UN charter; 

5. To suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement, until Israel complies with the human rights clause (article 2) of the agreement;

6. To respect the Fourth Geneva Convention by not contributing to Israel's violations and take action under humanitarian law that deals with offenders of grave breaches; and to recall the conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to take measures to stop the violation of the laws of war and to protect Palestinian rights;


* Stop killing our children 
* Hey, hey, ho, ho, the occupation must go
* Stop Israeli Massacres of Palestinians
* Stop Israeli murders of children
* Stop the ethnic cleansing
* Muhammad al-Durrah, why were you killed?
* Palestinians have the right to life
* Sharon, war criminal; Barak, war criminal
* Protect Palestinian civilians NOW!
* Israel must obey international law!
* Stop killing in Palestine
* Sharon & Barak = Child killers
* Stop Israeli State-Terrorism


* Set up memorial sites in capitals for all Palestinian martyrs. Pictures can be taken from Addameer's website (use US-mirror for quick download) at click on "martyrs" to get the pictures (not all are available but most).

Call the media and tell them to cover it. Tell the media why you have set up the memorial. Calls could be made to every mosque and church about the site. You can organize a silent march; or hold candle vigils at the site. Publicize the place of the site and we can post it around. Send the exact place to (or post it on and we can mass distribute it and have the list of sites added to Addameer's website. At the site you can hold mock and demonstrative funerals.

Please add the following at the memorial: 1. A big sign that says "in memory of the more than 80 Palestinians who have been killed by Israelis this week"; 2. flowers (many many flowers) each person coming should bring a flower; 3. candles; 4. notes of support and acknowledgement- prayers and notes; 5. pictures of the victims, especially the 12-year-old boy shot in his dad's arms; 6. volunteers who are ready to talk to the media about the memorial. For a list of media contacts see:


An Online Condolence has been launched at for the Palestinian martyrs.


* You can picket in front of every Israeli embassy in every single city it has a consulate. For the right address check:


This deals with tips for non-violent actions such as sit-ins in front of UN-buildings; government buildings; Israeli embassies (see for addresses:

Be clear about the objectives, to attract attention to the demands (see above), it must be clearly understood by participants and clearly articulated to passerby, media, police etc. It must be clear who is responsible for what (coordination of action, communication with media, with police, etc.) Provide written guidelines such as: not to provoke police; no violent actions; etc.

Make a signup sheet, it should be distributed including name, etc., phone (preferably take your mobile with you), someone to notify (family, friends, lawyer), special needs (medical care). A buddy system is recommended, in particular in a "crowd scene". If intent is to challenge an order to leave an area (in front of an Israeli embassy) the possible legal, financial, and physical implications should be known (e.g. lawyer should be consulted beforehand and preferably "on call") and if possible, thoroughly discussed and considered by participants at a pre-action preparation session; Reason(s) for challenge must be clear: e.g.. "we intend to stay until X is done or Y stops being done". Those without preparation for being dragged,
should walk with arresting person. 

Affinity groups should be formed beforehand - at preparation sessions, with one or two members of each not risking arrest; these should be responsible for follow up if arrests occur (contact family, lawyer, media, visiting prison, etc.) Importance of these roles should be stressed. 

Useful links:


Send a request to hold A Special Session to Mary Robinson (UNHCR):

UN Human Rights Commission
Mrs. Mary Robinson, High Commissioner
Representatives of Member States
Fax: 0041-22-917 9018
Email: or send a message to MADRE at or

Sign also the online petition for protection of the Palestinian citizens in 1948-Palestine. This petition will be sent to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to Demand International Protection for Palestinian Citizens of Israel. The URL is


Monitor the media. For good sites on the media check:

US Editorials:
International Editorials:
Search US News:
UK media:
Europe news searches:
World news searches:

Write letters to the editor:
Media contacts:

For best news source on latest developments in Palestine check or its US-mirror


Write to your government; representatives; party members etc.
Government addresses:
US Congress, see
US Senators:
US Representatives:
Good source:
Parliaments on the Web:
Foreign Affairs Ministries:
Heads of State:
European Union:
Political Parties:
Political Parties (Australia, US, UK):
Embassies around the world:


If you're working for an import-company refuse to import Israeli goods and tell your seniors why. Consumer boycotts can also be done, for an overview of Israeli products exported to Europe and the US check


Teach-ins, public lectures, silence, strike, fast, hunger strike, sit-in, stand-in, pray-in.


Latest developments: or

For ongoing reports of worldwide demonstrations check

"Some call them radicals. Others call them the Opposition. President Clinton referred to them on various occasions as the "enemies of peace". Yet, for many Palestinians, they represent the non-compromising segment of the living conscience of Palestine. So before we rush to judge and to condemn, before we describe them as radicals and enemies of peace, we must listen to their story. The story of suffering through Black September, South Lebanon and the Intifadah. Once we listen, I believe, all that we can do is to stand for them and salute, salute them for a heavy price they have paid, rather than those who took the easy way out." - Ramzy Baroud

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